Everything you need to know about Thermocouples

A thermocouple is perhaps a sensor that is used for the measurement of temperature. It comprises two metal wires in which one part is welded while the other part is connected to a particular device. So, if it is configured in the right way, then measurement can be presented in different temperature ranges.

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Further, in this article, we would discuss everything associated with thermocouple sensors. Let us dive in:-

Construction of the Thermocouple Sensors
Thermocouples are temperature sensors that have two metal alloys through which voltage is produced. So, the temperature difference that tends to happen between the conductors of the thermocouples is directly proportional to the temperature.

Further, each of the thermocouple sensors tends to have two parts i.e. hot junction and cold junction. So, whenever any temperature change tends to happen at the hot junction, then you will notice an emf change at the cold junction. Also, the controller is the one that tends to record the output emf. So, with the temperature increase, there is an increase in the output emf as well.

Moreover, based on the application, different metals are used such that the required voltage can be produced.

Benefits of Thermocouple Sensors
There are several benefits associated with Thermocouple sensors. Some of them include the:-

As the temperature changes, the output temperature tends to increase. Hence, there is no requirement for an external source of power. Hence, they are self-sufficient when it comes to operations.

Robust and Simple
If you talk about the design of the thermocouple sensors, then they tend to be quite simple yet quite tough. Further, they are manufactured using metals that are of high strength which includes iron, aluminum, platinum, and copper. Hence, they tend to have very wide industrial applications.

If you talk about the price, then thermocouples tend to be quite cost-effective. Moreover, they are three times less expensive as compared to RTDs.

Wide range of temperature
Thermocouples are used directly to measure an application’s temperature. Thus, they offer a wide temperature range of up to 2600 degree Celsius.

What is the cost of thermocouple production?
Thermocouple production tends to be quite complex and the cost of production is based on different requirements. Also, they are available in different types of material and they can be used for low as well as high-temperature ranges. So, the cost of production boils down to some fixed and variable cost that is involved in the process.

Some of the other factors that contribute to the production cost are staff salaries, machine investment, testing speed, basic substances cost, etc.

Final Verdict
Thermocouple Sensors tend to have several benefits associated with them. Likewise, it has a wide industrial application range which includes fog machines, industrial ovens, automotive diesel engines, and gas turbines to name a few. They are also highly robust, cost-effective, and highly efficient. The best part is that they can easily last for a very long time.