Are You Considering Cosmetic Dentistry?

Metropolitan Dental Care’s website. Our dentists have consistently been awarded as Top Dentists in the Denver, CO and Lone Tree, CO area. Our office is equipped with the latest technologies, including laser dentistry, to serve our patients. “>Your smile is unique to you. While you may have inherited certain traits from your parents, no one has a smile just like yours. Although it may have changed in appearance through the years, it’s still exclusive to you. But just because it’s unique doesn’t mean you have to like it. If you had the option to change something about your smile, would you?
Since it’s arguably one of the first things we notice about each other, you want to make sure your smile leaves a positive impression. More importantly, when you gaze at your appearance in the mirror, you should feel satisfied with what you see staring back at you.

While many cosmetic dentistry treatments have been around for decades, they haven’t always been affordable or made easily available. However, as more dentists have added cosmetic dentistry to their services, you could walk into almost any dental office today and find a list of ways to enhance your features. But … how do you know which one is right for you? What Features Would You Change? Before we dive into the different cosmetic dentistry treatments that can enhance the aesthetics of your smile, there are a few questions to ask yourself. Knowing the answers to these in advance will help you narrow down the right treatment method for your specific needs and budget. • Do you wish your teeth were smaller or larger? • Do you have crooked or overlapping teeth? • Is there a tooth that stands out or seems disproportionate compared to the rest of your teeth? • Do you have teeth that are yellow, gray, or stained? • Do the teeth in the front of your smile have chips or uneven edges? • Do you have gaps in between your teeth? • Do you notice more gums than teeth when you smile? Straighten Your Teeth While bracket-and-wire braces have been the proven treatment for helping patients of all ages straighten crooked, protruding, or tilted teeth, adults and teens today are enjoying the benefits of Invisalign® clear braces. This orthodontic solution can correct a wide variety of issues in a shorter duration. It also provides many benefits, including: • More comfortable treatment • Removable trays for easy maintenance • No food restrictions • Discreet and virtually invisible aesthetics

If you want to preserve your natural teeth, yet alter their position to achieve a straighter smile, Invisalign® may be the right choice for you. At the end of your treatment, professional teeth whitening can deliver even more dramatic results. Brighten That Smile Stains and discoloration can make otherwise healthy teeth seem unattractive and unappealing. Although durable, enamel is porous and will eventually succumb to pigments in the foods and beverages you consume. Enamel can also yellow as a result of age or smoking. If stubborn stains on the surface of your teeth don’t respond to brushing and over-the-counter whitening products, consider professional teeth whitening.

While over-the-counter whitening pastes, kits, and rinses can help to a certain degree, they do not have the same potency as dentist-administered whitening products. The whitening treatments offered at dental offices are designed to limit dental sensitivity and gum irritation while delivering stronger whitening power than what’s available at a pharmacy. Depending on the whitening system, some dentists can deliver dramatic results in under an hour. Contour Your Gum Line Gums frame your teeth and hold them in position to provide beautiful symmetry. When the gum line is uneven, or an excessive amount of gum tissue is present, your smile may seem unbalanced. With the introduction of high-powered lasers into the dental industry, gum contouring has never been more precise or less invasive. During laser gum surgery, the dentist will gently trim your gum line to reveal a more symmetrical and attractive smile, in just one office visit. No scalpels or sutures are used. Patients face little to no bleeding, and no “packing” of the gums with cotton or gauze. Recovery occurs quickly, and no time away from work is necessary, in most cases. Conceal Those Imperfections When multiple smile imperfections need to be resolved, and you want to address many issues at once, explore dental bonding or porcelain veneers. Both dental bonding and porcelain veneers can cover crooked, chipped, severely stained teeth for a more perfect appearance, or add structure to disproportionate or widely spaced teeth for uniformity. Dental bonding uses custom-shaded composite resin, which lasts about 7-10 years, with proper care and in the absence of injury. Porcelain veneers are thin, custom-made shells that bond to the front surface of teeth to conceal imperfections. Veneers can last several decades. While dental bonding is more affordable and delivers results in just one office visit, veneers are pricier and take two visits to administer. Weigh the pros and cons of both procedures with your cosmetic dentist before making a decision about treatment.

All About Glass Kitchen Countertops

Glass kitchen countertops, Long Beach Township, are a popular option along with other materials like granite and engineered quartz. Glass is not just for windows or tiles, it can be a modern and attractive option for kitchens today. It is beautiful and is a non-traditional choice for people who want something contemporary and different in their homes. Glass is non-porous so it is safe for preparing food and it is easy to clean up spills should they happen and will not stain. There is an unlimited range of options when it comes to design and you have choices in texture, edging, shape, thickness, detailing and more. You can have the glass shaped from one piece so you have no seams to deal with and they can handle hot pots and pans being placed on them. They are both functional as a kitchen countertop and attractive.


The basic color of a glass kitchen countertop is a slight green at first and then things are done to the glass according to your preferences. If you want a more translucent color then they tint the back of the glass. If you want something more opaque then they add a special coating to the back of the glass. Installers of kitchen countertops Toms River can also install them in different ways to get different visual effects. They come in a range of different thicknesses, usually between ½ inch to 1 inch and the more popular choice amongst owners is between ½ inch and ¾ inch. In terms of weight that means a ¾ inch glass can weigh 10lbs per square foot of countertop you use.

You can personalize the countertops as much as you want in terms of texture and such. You can have embedded art or combine it with another material to create something unique like textured stainless steel. Textures are created on these kitchen countertops Long Beach Township using three surface treatments, slumping, sandblasting and shattering. The first is when glass is melted into forms and patterns that are embossed in the glass underneath. The second is used to create patterns or a fogging effect in the glass. The third is to shatter and laminate the shattered glass in between layers of unshattered glass.


Glass kitchen countertops Toms River or anywhere have a place in some homes depending on style, taste and budget. But they are practical for being used in the kitchen. They can take heat of up to 700 degrees without the glass cracking, though using trivets is still a good idea to keep it in great condition. They can handle a lot of weight but dropping something heavy from a high height can cause chipping or might even shatter it. If that happens this is not a material that can easily be repaired, it would need to be replaced. Glass does show up your fingerprints easily too. For these reasons it might be a great option for homes with adults only who can control where they touch and avoid cracking the surface.